Eleazar ben Hananiah

(fl. 1st cent)
   Palestinian scholar. He was a leader of the school of Shammai.

Dictionary of Jewish Biography. .

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  • ELEAZAR BEN HANANIAH BEN HEZEKIAH — (lived shortly before the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E.), tanna. His full name was Eleazar b. Hananiah b. Hezekiah b. Garon. He is quoted in Sifre Deut. 294, and Mech. Bahodesh 7, his position in this latter source appearing elsewhere in… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Eleazar ben Perata I — (Hebrew: אלעזר בן פרטא) was a tanna of the third generation (2nd century), junior contemporary of Eleazar of Modi im (Tosef., Sanh. iv. 8; Yer. Meg. i. 71c) and of Jose the Galilean (Mek., Yitro, Baḥodesh, 2). Desperate times Eleazar lived… …   Wikipedia

  • ELEAZAR BEN PARTA — (c. early 2nd century C.E.), tanna. He is mentioned only once in the Mishnah (Git. 3:4), and four times in the Tosefta. In one of his homilies, he warns against evil speech by pointing out that if the spies (Num. 12) who spoke evil only of trees… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • ELEAZAR BEN AZARIAH — (first–second century C.E.), one of the sages of Jabneh. He was one of the most prominent tannaim and is quoted dozens of times in the Mishnah, the Tosefta, and the tannaitic Midrashim, his statements touching on all areas of halakhah and aggadah …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Eleazar ben Azariah — Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah (Hebrew: רבי אלעזר בן עזריה) was a Mishnaic scholar of the second generation (1st century C.E.), junior contemporary of Gamaliel II, Eliezer b. Hyrcanus, and Joshua b. Hananiah, and senior of Akiba (Sifre, Deut. 32; Sanh …   Wikipedia

  • Joshua ben Hananiah — (Hebrew: יהושע בן חנניה d.131CE) was a leading tanna of the first half century following the destruction of the Temple. He was of Levitical descent (Ma as. Sh. v. 9), and served in the sanctuary as a member of the class of singers (Arakhin 11b).… …   Wikipedia

  • Hananiah — may refer to:*Hananiah (Book of Daniel), or Shadrach, Biblical figure *Hananiah (Samaritan), 4th century BC, governor of Samaria under the Achaemenid Empire *Haninah, or Chaninah, 2nd century Rabbinic sage, contemporary of Judah ben Bathyra and… …   Wikipedia

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  • Eleazar of Modi'im — (Hebrew: אליעזר המדעי) was a Jewish scholar of the second tannaitic generation (1st and 2nd centuries), disciple of Johanan ben Zakkai (B. B. 10b), and contemporary of Joshua ben Hananiah and Eliezer ben Hyrcanus (Mek., Beshallah, Wayassa , 3 et… …   Wikipedia

  • HANANIAH (Hanina) BEN TERADYON — (second century C.E.), tanna during the jabneh era, and martyr. Two halakhic precedents are brought in his name (Ta an. 2:5; Tosef. Ta anit 1:13), and a small number of explicit dicta in halakhah and aggadah are ascribed to him (Tosef. Mik. 6:3,… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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